On a blessing of His Eminence Filaret the Metropolian of Minsk and Sluzk Patriarchal Exarch to all Byelorussian.



On a blessing of His Eminence Filaret the Metropolian of Minsk and Sluzk Patriarchal Exarch to all Byelorussian from 15-th till 22-th of April 2007 in Minsk (Belarus) the 9-th International Festival of Orthodox Chants is to be held. It includes the contests of choral collectives, evenings (soirees) of spiritual (religious) poetry, exhibitions, the festival of religious films, Round Table, charity concerts. The Festival is to take place in Minsk and then in Zodino, Kletzk, Borisov, Mihanovitchi and other towns of Belarus.

               International Festival of Orthodox Chants.

One of the pages of the life of Orthodox Church of Byelorussian Exarchate are used to be the Festivals of Orthodox Chants, that are held on a blessing of His Eminence Filaret the Metropolian of Minsk and Sluzk Patriarchal Exarch to all Byelorussian.

The first Festival was held in 1989. Professional and church choral collectives of Belarus, Russia, Estonia, Ukraine were invited to take part in it. It was the first time in Minsk when orthodox liturgical Chants were performed on the stage.
In 1995 the tradition of the Festival went on, but the Festival got some other peculiarities. Then children and adult, church and secular choral collectives took part in it.
The founders of the International Festival of Orthodox Chants were Byelorussian Exarchate, the Ministry of culture, the Ministry of education, the Committee on affairs of religions and nationalities under Council of Ministers of Belarus, Mingorispolcom (The executive Committee of Minsk), the society of support of Christian culture Dobrolybije".

The Festival includes the evenings (soirees) of spiritual (religious) poetry, picture exhibitions and exhibitions of national-applied creativity, including children exhibitions, photo exhibitions, the festival of religious films, concerts, in the best concert halls of Belarus, as well as in social establishments (in hospitals, in colonies, in Houses of disabled, in children's homes, in military units and others), conferences.

The Festival also includes the contest of choral collectives. The jury of choral contest consists of famous conductors, cantors, art critics, composers and priests (musicians) from different countries. A famous Byelorussian composer, the winner of the State premium the priest Andrej Bondarenko is at the head of the jury. The members of the jury organize creative meetings and master-classes, read lections to the students of the highest special educational institutions.

On of the obligatory conditions for taking part in the Festival is used to be the rendition of the singsong of a famous chants and of a composition of a famous author in the program. The requirements for performing ancient singsongs make cantors and conductors study the roots of musical-singing culture of Orthodox Church. The Chants of a famous singsong come to light a new world for spectators: with the help of musical sounds can be felt the inner world of their creators.
Famous scientists, art critics, conductors and social leaders are getting interested in the Festival.

The participants from different countries of the world took part in the Festival. The participants from Ukraine, Russia, Latvia, Serbia, Poland, Bulgaria, France, England, Estonia, Moldova, Romania demonstrate for Byelorussian spectators traditions and customs of different orthodox cultures. Choruses of different faiths (branches) of Christianity take part in the Festival of Orthodox Chants, but they sing the Chants only according to the liturgical texts of Orthodox Church.

Among the guests and participants of the Festival were church, amateur, professional choruses and the ones of different church arrivals. Among them there was a family singing collective of Zolotovie "Zivaja starina", where take part not only the parents (the former members of the world famous collective Sirin") but their children; also folk-ethnic collective "Nekrasovskij kazachata", that performed ancient heterophonic and melismatic styles of singing, which were the part of east Slavonic musical-singing culture of early Middle Ages; religious orthodox chorus of engineering troops of the Armed Forces of Russian Federation under Saint-Smolensk Zosimova desert; the Don choral chapel "Anastasia"; vocal collective "Kedrov"(France), that exists more than a hundred years; children-youth chorus of Patriarchal farmstead of Sviblovo (Russia); the chorus of the students of theological faculty of Jassa (Romania); a cliric chorus of Russian Orthodox Old-believe Church of Nizhniy Novgorod (Russia) Yspenskaja community (Belokrinitskoje agreement); and also the best choruses of Belarus. The Festival and its activities are very important and priceless for solving moral and religious problems of education and up-bringing, which are so urgent in our modern society. Addressing to the God with prayer helps to find hope, soul harmony, without which creative work is impossible. As His Eminence Filaret the Metropolian of Minsk and Sluzk Patriarchal Exarch to all Byelorussian said: "Awakening of spiritual beginnings in a person, helping him to understand that he or she is a unique personality, up-bringing of kind treatment to everybody in his soul -are the most important points. If there are peace and harmony in a person's soul-it will be the same in our society".

Every activity of the Festival creates the atmosphere of peace, love and kindness. It is very important as in our modern world, where the evil attacks spiritual, soul and family spheres, it is so necessary to feel the shoulder not only of your relative or friend, but the shoulder of your brother on spirit, to feel that another person is also your brother. A brother it is not only the one who speaks the same language, who was brought up in the same culture, but the one who is equal in the eyes of the God as well as you, as the God gave this life, this world both of you, to make them more beautiful, better but not worse.


For taking part in the Festival you can mail to the address: 220004 Belarus, Minsk str.Osvobozdenija, 10, ap.108