On a blessing of His Eminence Filaret the Metropolian of Minsk and Sluzk Patriarchal Exarch to all Byelorussian.



The conditions for participation in the IX International Festival of Orthodox Chants from the 15-th till the 22-d of April 2007.

1. The main goals of the Festival are: religious education, popularization of religious legacy (traditions) and of modern activity in the sphere of Orthodox culture, the development of cultural contacts between different nationalities and countries at the basement of fundamental(main) religious values.

2. The 9-th Festival of Orthodox Chants is to take place in Minsk from the 15-th till the 22-d of April 2007. The address of the managing center of the Festival: 220004 Minsk, str.Osvobozdenija, 10.
3. Church and secular choruses (collectives) from Belarus and also the ones from abroad take part in the Festival according to the following categories in two age groups:
children choruses of Sunday (religious) schools;
children choruses of secondary and musical schools;
adult: church choruses and choruses of arrivals from villages and small towns; authentic collectives, that follow the traditions of ancient Orthodox singing;
adult: the choruses of churches and of the arrivals from cities;
adult secular amateur choruses and the choruses of special educational establishments;
professional choruses.
A chorus consists from not more than 30 people, singing collective-16 people. (The number of accompanying people, including drivers-not more than 5 people).

4. The participation in the Festival is based on the contest. The performing time of the repertoire at the contest is not longer than 20 minutes. The contest is judged by the jury.
4.1. Singing collectives perform the chants based on the canonical texts of the Orthodox Church. It is compulsory for the collectives taking part in the contest to perform such chants as (optionally) : znamenny, putevoy, demestvenny, Kievski, Bulgarian, Greek (not in harmonization) and of usual chant; more over, for secular collectives it is compulsory to perform a chant of a modern composer.
4.1.1. A usual chant is performed "according to the text", that means to resemble Voice or a usual melody.
4.2. The performance of chants Heruvimskaia pesn' and Milost' mira is forbidden.
4.3.One of the criterions while estimating the contest program ( including general musical requirements) is the quality of performing of the church style of singing:
- organization of the way the chant is performed ( including the accents, the dynamics, the caesuras);
- the limitations of excessive effectiveness and passionate emotions while performing;
- in the meaning and manner of singing it should be seen the understanding to which voice this chant belongs to ( if you have the definite voice);
- if you choose a chant of a modern author, it should be based on the traditions of church singing and on the general atmosphere of church singing.
4.3.1. It is desirable to perform a chant in honor of Byelorussian saints.
4.4. In the end the jury chooses a diplomant and laureate of the contest in each nomination.
Special diplomas and nominations can be added.

5. The Festival also includes:
  - the evenings (soirees) of religious poetry and songs;
  - the art exhibitions, that are not limited by the time of the Festival;
  - the conference Obretenije obraza: restoration";
  - the contest for the best performance of an Orthodox chant of a modern author;
  - the contest for the best performance of a monodial chant.
6.If you would like to take part in the Festival send your request at the address of the managing center of the Festival till the 20-th of January 2007
6.1. You should mention in your request: the whole title of the collective, the number of participants (including men and women separately and the people who accompany you), the repertoire, the performing time of every chant, the information about the collective and the conductor, the desire to take part in the Festival and also the score of the chants performed, the photo of the collective, the record on audio/video tapes or CD disks of the chants performed.

7. The official invitation is sent at the address of the collective after it was listened beforehand on audio or video by the jury.
8. The members of the Festival take part in the additional concerts the location of which is chosen by the managing center. The winners of the Festival take part in the final concert of the Festival and as the members of collective chorus.
8.1.It is compulsory for the members of the Festival to take part in all activities of the Festival, to perform at the stages chosen by the organizers. If the activity of the Festival fails to be held because of the collective, it should pay for it.

8.2.The lasting time of the contest performances is chosen by the directing-producing group of the Festival.
9. The organizers have unlimited rights for recording and reproduction of the performance of the choruses with different types of recording. We don't pay for taking part in the concerts, recording on radio and TV, contribution of the recordings made at the festival. There is no payment for the conductors and choruses.

10. The participants pay transport expenses. The organizers of the Festival perform the nutrition (dinner, supper) and lodging in a hostel, excursions. Better living conditions can be performed for additional payment.
11. For taking part in the Festival you should pay fees: for participants from Belarus and from the countries of SNG -5 euro for each person; for participants from abroad-10 euro for each person according to the course of the National Bank of Belarus for the day of payment.
12. If you don't perform the conditions for taking part in the Festival pay all the expenses themselves.
13. You can send you requests at the following address:

str. Osvobozdenija, 10, ap. 108
220004 Minsk Belarus


Minsk diocese: + 375 (0) 17 203-73-48, tel./fax 220-11-19
The Ministry of Culture: + 375 (0) 17 203-73-63

The bank account of the Festival: 301500342009 in CAS BelSwithBank" , ap.175, Minsk, str.Kupali, 25-202. MOO The society of support of Christian culture Dobrolybije". YNN 102294683


For taking part in the Festival you can mail to the address: 220004 Belarus, Minsk str.Osvobozdenija, 10, ap.108